Everyone, and everything has a beginning, and I believe that in some ways a person’s beginning has an influence on their life. Although I did not end up growing up in the family I was born into, it has still affected me.

I was born to a drug and alcohol addicted mother, and from what I can gather, I lived in that home until I was three years old, when I was taken away and placed in foster care, then apparently I got to go back to my birth mother for a while, then I was taken back to foster care again at about 4 and a half. While I do not remember much of what happened before I was five, three main scenes come to mind. I remember the day I needed changed and nobody came to my aid, so I climbed out of the playpen on my own, went to the bathroom where the diapers were stored, and changed my own diaper. I remember the day where my birth mother, her boyfriend, and several of their friends thought it would be funny to pour a few sips of beer down my throat. I also remember the day when my birth mother’s boyfriend beat me for no apparent reason, and it caused a nosebleed so bad I landed in the hospital.

I am not sure when all these events happened. For a while, because I did not appear to be a crack baby, or have fetal alcohol syndrome or anything like that, I must have appeared to be a fairly normal child. But things happened in these early years, or maybe perhaps I was born with them, that made learning difficult for me.

The foster care stories will come soon, and I apologize if I’m writing about stuff that you don’t care about so far, but I need to write this for myself. It also sets the background for the main part of my story.


~ by Revenwyn on December 8, 2012.

One Response to “Beginnings”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Your story touches me deeply because I might have similar early days except that I was adopted when I was a day old. Many of the people in my biological family are hardcore tweakers or heroin addicts. I am absolutely horrified that your birth mother subjected you to all of this and that her boyfriend beat you. I am wildly impressed by the woman you have become despite these circumstances. You are absolutely amazing and have always been to me. I just want you to know that. You crawling out of your playpen at such a young age to change your own diaper is proof of your resilience and resourcefulness. Most other kids probably wouldn’t have known what to do. Your determination to break free of what you were raised with is inspiring. You are a strong and beautiful woman and I know you will reach your goals. It’s never too late to start living your own life. Also, never forget you’ve got tons of friends to support you in whatever way we can at the time. =) I look forward to hearing more of your story when you’re willing to share more.

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